Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Glue for Outdoor Projects and Furniture

Now for the sticky stuff.
When building outdoor projects that need to be glued. It is best to use a glue suited to the outdoors and moisture.
The following glues can be used on outdoor projects:
1. Titebond II Premium glue, It passes ANSI type 2 water specs. Use above 55 degrees, assembly time is 10-15 minutes, designed for outdoor use. It is unaffected by finishes , has excellent sand ability and cleans up with water.

2.Titebond polyurethane glue has 20 minute working time and a 45 minute clamp time Dries yellow, use above 50 degrees, Passes type 1 and type 2 ANSI spec for water resistance. Bonds to virtually anything. Has epoxy like strength with no mixing.

3.Titebond III dries to light brown, use above 47 degrees has a 10 minute working time. Water clean up and passes type 1 ANSI std for water resistance.

4. Gorilla Glue , 100% water proof passes ANSI test for type 1 1nd 2 std for water Resistance. Unaffected by extreme heat or cold. It is sandable, paintable and stainable working time is 10-15 minutes with 1-2 hour clamp time.

There are others but these I have used and they all work. For more information on outdoor projects or furniture , please visit my web site.

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Paul said...

What about 2 part epoxy glue such as west system for outdoor wood work?