Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nova 1624 Lathe from Woodcraft

I got a new Nova 1624 Lathe from Woodcraft about a month ago. I have nothing but good things to say about this lathe. The 1 1/2 hp motor has more than enough power for this weekend woodworker. It came with steel legs which I am currently using. They seem to keep the lathe very stable. The motor is smooth and powerful. Belt changing is easy, which is a plus. I have already turned several projects on the lathe. I will be sharing some of these projects, here on my blog as well as my web site. The woodcraft people were very helpful went I went to the store to pick it up. I also have the Nova G3 chuck, which I used on my Jet mini lathe. I may want to pick up a bigger chuck in the future but for right now, this chuck has worked well.
This lathe is great for wooden bowls, Pens, spindles, small table parts and anything you can turn in the 16" round by 24" inches in length. You can see a picture to the right, click on the picture for more infromation.
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Anonymous said...

I have had my Nova 1624-44 for about 6 weeks. And, I absolutely loath it! OK, I am new to woodturning so perhaps my opinion doesn't count for much.
Although heavy, it was easy to assemble and the instuctions were good. The first test after assembly was of course alignment. I put in the the drive centre and the live tailstock centre and brought them together.

They didn't align. Alignment was out both horizontally and vertically. One can adjust the tailstock for horizontal alignment, which I did. But, there is no adjustment for vertical alignment. The live centre (tailstock), is at least 1mm below the drive centre.

This lathe is also very noisy. There is bearing noise and a slight clicking sound. The motor vibrates, so much so that the studs, which screw into the headstock,to which the motor is fixed, keep coming undone during use.

Belt changing is a nightmare and takes forever. To slacken the belt, you have to pull the motor forward - it works on a large cam which pivots the motor - but when fully pivoted over, the motor shaft locks against the the flimsy tin pulley housing (the pulley guard if you like), now, you cannot turn the motor pulley, making belt changing even harder.

Today I went to a demonstration of lathes. Every one of them was significanly quieter than the heap that I now own.

Nova chucks: my lathe came with a SuperNova chuck. It rattles! Shake it and it rattles. Put it on the lathe and of course it rattles like tin can full of nails. It quietens down at high speed, but at low speed it is dreadful.

I hate the Nova! It was a complete waste of £1000.00. I wish now that I had bought a £200.00 Jet.


Anonymous said...

It would appear that you and the Nova were never meant to be together. Sorry that you have had problems with your purchase. Mine is apparently everything yours isn't.

Alignment is right on, no unusual noise,no vibration at all, belt changing is simple as long as you follow the instructions.

The SuperNova chuck that I bought is a quality piece of equipment. I can't imagine why yours would rattle.

Many things in your "review" do not sound right. Either got a complete reject from the assembly line or you have not taken the time to put this thing together and learn how to operate it correctly.


Easyrider said...

I received my Nova 1624-44 three days ago. It was easy to set up, but you need another person to lift the main body as it is heavy. Everything aligned properly. Belt changes are quick due to the flat ribbed pulleys system. The lathe runs smoothly and quietly. When I close my workshop door, you can't hear it if you are on the outside. I purchased a SuperNova2 chuck with the lathe, and I can understand why Nova chucks are rated number one in the world.

Anonymous said...

I've been turning for a number of years. I finally got up the courage to purchase a 1624 (used so a great deal)I LOVE IT... I also got a wet sharpener for my tools.. I am positively giddy cutting on the lathe now. I LOVE IT. The 16 is more than enough, and the power of the 1.5 hp motor is Sweeeeeeet. More than enough to turn anything I want. I agree that the switching of the speeds could be a bit easier, but it is what it is, and I can get used to it. I'm planning on buying another belt just to have on hand. In short, I am not at all dissapointed in getting this lathe. Nor should anyone else who gets one. Off to turn some more stuff....I love it.